Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Rhapsody (1954)

Director: Charles Vidor
Elizabeth Taylor, Vittorio Gassman, John Ericson, Louis Calhern, Michael Chekhov, Barbara Bates


Rhapsody is all about beautiful music and beautiful Elizabeth Taylor. Taylor, in a short, stylish hairdo, is at the height of her beauty in this stunningly photographed color film. And she's not the only beauty. Vittorio Gassman plays one of her love interests. Just try keeping your eyes off of him. Handsome John Ericson is the other man in her life. All in all, it's candy for the eyes and ears, gorgeous to watch and to listen to with all that classical music. Elizabeth Taylor plays a role perfect for her, i.e., a spoiled, rich brat. She follows the man of her dreams, Gassman, a gifted violinist, to music school in Zurich, even though her own musical ability is pathetic and she'll have nothing to do except wait around for him to finish classes and rehearsals. When it's obvious that Gassman is totally immersed in his music, she begins to compete with the violin for his attention. All three leads are excellent, as is Louis Calhern as Taylor's father. Taylor wears beautiful outfits. I'm certain this film was intended to be a showcase for her beauty, and there it succeeds. Despite some harsh comments made on the board, I think this you just have to take it for what it was intended to be and no more. Very entertaining.

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